Your photos. Your emotions. Your friends.

What is ShapeGift?

ShapeGift is a unique way to share your experiences with friends. Just take a picture, and transform it in a number of ways including various photo filters and effects which give your photos and images a brand new look. Moreover, this app is first in its class and allows you to turn your images into shapes and postcards that best suit your emotions or situation at any given time.
Maybe you want to congratulate a friend on his or her birthday? Maybe you want to express your love? Or maybe you are walking down the street and your attention is suddenly grabbed by this amazing luxurious car across the street?
We've got shapes for all of these scenarios!
All in all, the final result is a matter of your imagination - unique effects and shapes, backgrounds and colors are waiting for you. Just don´t forget to add a greeting!
Make your friends and family smile - after all, it's so simple to lighten the mood!

The art of photography

Choosing a picture is the first and most essential step in ShapeGift. You can choose to add a picture or a photo from your gallery as well as take one by yourself and we encourage you to do that! Express your creativity!

Adding filters and effects

ShapeGift has an extended variety of photo editing features and could even be considered as a standalone mobile photo editing app - it gives you such possibilities as controlling your exposure, brightness and contrast, hue, saturation, as well as advanced blurring techniques, including gaussian blur, iris blur and tilt shift.
However, that´s not the end! ShapeGift also offers you a variety of photo filters which can spice up your photos and give a certain emotion to them!
Black Magic
Shiny Red Light
Good Morning
Golden Ages
Soft Cream
Satin Rose
Old Gold
Pink Dreams
Dark Moon
Stone Soul

It’s all about the shapes

Share Your Love
Shine Like a Star
Give Huge Hug
Call Me Maybe?
Perform Yourself
Be a Teletubbie
Congrat with a Birthday
Make a huge present
Bloom Yourself
Like someone
Give a True Kiss ;)*
Let’s Travel
There’s a Devil!

Spice up your images

Is your image ready by now? If so, then this is your next step. Choose any shape you want and convert your image into a postcard of your choice! While this step is optional - you can use ShapeGift just as a camera and photo editing app - we encourage you to take full benefits of the app and create wonderful postcards for your friends and family.
The time has come for you to pick a background for your postcard. ShapeGift provides 8 colors for you to choose from. However, if that´s not enough, you can always make a background of your own!
Just take a picture and use it as a background! And you can add the same effects and filters to your background as well!

Background of your choice

Greet your loved ones

This is the final step before sharing your gift! Make your friends smile by leaving them a short message! At the top of your gift there’s some room for your title, while greeting goes to the bottom. You can have either both, just one of them, or none at all - it’s all up to you!

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